A childhood memory of a hot summer day near the seashore, a day whose high point was an ice-cold, hand-dipped ice cream cone savored slowly in the shade of an old tree. For us at brown dog ice cream, that sense-memory is the reason for our business and daily guides our goal: to recreate for our visitors that perfect moment of the first taste, when the mind is flooded with flavor and creamy coolness on those dog days of summer. Our contentment comes from our customers’ love of what we do—and we love nothing more than the look of bliss on the face of a child completely captivated by our homemade ice cream. How did we get our name? Foster, our chocolate lab, who loves children and ice cream equally, convinced us to make the world’s best ice cream, using fresh ingredients. He said it would help him make new friends and would bring families back to Cape Charles every year. And for his doggy friends, we offer our Tail Wagger Treats, too! The brown dog’s sunny staff often comes up with ideas for original flavors, which we perfect in our kitchen, then test out on our regulars, the brown dog tasters. If they love it, and our customers love it, the new flavor becomes part of our Secret Recipe Book, filled with delectable works of art like Black Raspberry, Italian Cream, Bananas Foster, Coconut Almond Crunch, and dozens more. Come visit us! We want to share the satisfying ice-cream-moment that will transport you back to childhood and make your kids beam with delight. It’s as simple as that!

Address: 203 Mason Avenue Cape Charles, VA 23310
Phone: 757.695.3868
Email: miriam@browndogicecream.com

Open Wednesday - Monday

12 noon to 8 pm


Closed Tuesdays